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If There Aren’t Photos It Didn’t Happen

It’s been brought to my attention that, for all its GIFs, my last post lacked something very important. Photographic evidence. So here it is!

Here’s me with my contract:


I’m actually playing it cool in this shot. I was totally freaking out.

And here’s the real star of this blog post:


My Lego Stormtrooper pen. Under the helmet, he’s actually Lego Han Solo. *swoon*

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Welcome to My Blog!

So… I finally broke down and started a blog. Why, you ask? Because blogs have been good to me. Really good.

Have you ever met a weird kid who scribbles stories on whatever’s handy? I’m talking notebooks, napkins, gum wrappers, sometimes even the inside hemline of her jeans? Yeah, I was that kid. But my friendly neighborhood bloggers and their awesome communities have helped turn me into a fairly respectable writerly type, if I do say so myself. When I didn’t know how to write a query or format a manuscript or, as I later found out, edit a manuscript into a book worth reading, where did I turn? Blogs. I even connected with my fantabulous agent Adriann through a blog contest run by my equally fantabulous agency sister Mindy and her pals R.C. and MarcyKate.

Bottom line: I’m not an expert. Not by a long shot. But this little slice of the Internet is my attempt to give back and hopefully have loads of fun while keeping the great Circle of (writer) Life going. *cue the lion cub*