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Query Godmother

Query. Those two syllables send chills up writerly spines the world over.

But no more! As the Query Godmother, it’s my goal to help writers put their best glass slippered foot forward. Or wooden peg leg. Or finely manicured centaur hoof. No judgment here. Just a whole lotta query love.

Who is the Query Godmother?
It’s just little ol’ me, Jayme. I’m a middle grade author and query trench survivor, and I’d like to help you find your Happily Ever After too. 

Why should you submit to Query Godmother?
Even your best CPs and beta readers are likely too close to your manuscript to give the query a truly impartial look. By posting it on my blog, you’ll have not just my feedback but a whole pool of comments to help you spot what’s working and what isn’t. You might even come away with some new ideas for your manuscript!

Why should you NOT submit to Query Godmother?
I’m not an agent. To my knowledge, no agents read my blogs (yes, this includes my agent), so I can’t offer you any kind of special access. What I can offer is years of knowledge picked up in the query trenches. My feedback will always be constructive and kind, but I won’t hold back. If you’re looking for shortcuts or sugarcoating, this is not the blog you’re looking for. *Jedi wave*

How do you submit to Query Godmother?
All you have to do is paste your query into an email and send it to querygodmother (at) gmail (dot) com. If your query is chosen, I’ll give it a little bibbidy bop and post your original query plus notes and suggestions right here on the blog.

*disappears in a puff of glitter*

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