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Happy Memorial Day

There are lots of superheroes hitting theaters this summer. Iron Man. Superman. Percy Jackson (yes, he counts!). There are even giant robots fighting giant monsters Power Rangers style. Amid all this Hollywood awesomeness, let’s not forget the true heroes who’ve made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. To the families and friends of fallen soldiers, to the men and women still bravely serving our county, and to all those who’ve served in the past: there aren’t words big enough to convey my gratitude for all you do and have done, but from my family to yours thank you and God bless.


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Okay, I know everyone’s dying to hear how I got my agent, but first a shout-out to Juliana, Brooks, Michelle, Casey, Heidi, Summer and everyone else who made suggestions for this blog and answered questions – THANK YOU!! Y’all rock!

Next a Wizard of the Year award for my big sis, who not only took my author photo but made me feel like a total rock star in the process. Let me set the scene: she came to town with her fancypants camera, an auxiliary flash, and a magical lens that makes everyone look awesome. No, seriously. I’m pretty sure I saw Dumbledore say a few words over it. Next, she sweet-talked her hubby into holding the auxiliary flash and enlisted my little sister and dad to reflect the light with a giant sheet of poster board. While I struck poses all over town, cars slowed down to watch and little kids pointed and asked, “Who is that girl?” True story.

As for my gorgeous cover shot, my little sister snapped that all casually at the zoo. ‘Cause, apparently, everyone in my family is an awesome photographer.

I guess that just leaves everyone who’s encouraged me to start a blog for weeks, months, and/or years. You didn’t think I was gonna let you have all the fun forever, did ya?

Hugs all around! XOXO