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Teen Werewolves Invade My Disney Vacation


You may have noticed my blog has been pretty neglected the past few weeks. Or maybe you haven’t noticed because you’ve been just as busy watching Teen Wolf as I have.

For those of you who don’t know, Teen Wolf is a teen paranormal drama on MTV. It’s loosely based on an 80s movie I’ve never seen… and it’s kind of been running my life for the last few weeks.

It all started about two months ago, when I wanted to do something nice for my sister. Teen Wolf didn’t really look like my thing. I don’t like horror/gore. I’m not huge on romance. But my sister loves Warm Bodies, City of Bones, etc. Teen Wolf seemed somewhere in that zone, so out of the goodness of my heart I endeavored to introduce her to her new favorite TV show.

After the first episode, I thought, “Huh. That was actually pretty good.” Three episodes in, I wondered, “How many seasons of this have they made??” By the fifth episode, I was hurling things at my computer screaming, “STUPID GEICO COMMERCIAL! STOP INTERRUPTING MY SHOW! I WILL NEVER BUY YOUR INSURANCE!! NEVER EVER EVER EV– ooh! Stiles is back.”

So in the end my sister ended up introducing me to my new favorite show. She even bought me the first season for an early Valentine’s gift. My parents followed it up with the best birthday gifts ever – Season 2 and Season 3 Part 1!

Basically, my family is the best.

I’ve been racing to catch up before the finale, and now I’m sort of seeing Teen Wolf everywhere. Even at the Happiest Place on Earth. To prove it, I snapped some pictures.

On Toy Story Mania, my sis and I ended up in Stiles’ car!


On Haunted Mansion, we spotted birds like the ones that attacked Ms. Blake’s classroom. You know, when Stiles shielded Lydia with his body? And anti-romantic me actually uttered an, “Aww!”

haunted mansion bird

As we exited Haunted Mansion I snapped a pic of this awesome window, which reminded me of the gates at Eichen House and (*sobs internally*) Oak Creek:

eichen house

In Liberty Square, I advised my sis to be her own anchor:


As we passed the London section on Small World, my sister whispered to me, “Wave hi to Jackson.” I’ve never been prouder. 😉

jackson in london

I got a little choked up by Small World’s wall of goodbyes.


Because we’ve already said goodbye to [spoiler] and with the finale looming I’m sure we’ll soon be bidding at least one other person adieu.

But that’s a downer, so on to Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival, where my sister caught me making advances on this shrub. Why? Because Bambi is our nickname for Isaac. No offense intended. We love Isaac. But he’s got those big innocent Bambi eyes. Observe:

bambi vs isaac

I’m even seeing Teen Wolf at work. I was tempted to scrawl “De-” on the front of this Void stamp (I resisted):


When the vending machine ate my money, I came *this close* to employing the patented Stiles (or Boyd) method of snack extraction:

vending machine

Even the Veronica Mars movie, which I’ve been looking forward to FOREVER, couldn’t escape a Teen Wolf comparison. It’s their own fault, really, for opening with a case wall crisscrossed with red yarn just like the one Stiles has. All I could picture was this…


…and imagine that after a quick chat with the yarn Lydia could’ve solved the murder in time to go ice skating with Stiles, Scott, and Allison. (Again, no hate intended. I ❤ Veronica)

So there it is. My name is Jayme and I have a Teen Wolf problem.

The problem is that it’s only Sunday… and the finale isn’t until Monday. 😉

How about you guys? What’s your secret (or not so secret) TV obsession? I’d love to hear about it in the comments.

Author: Jayme

Hi, I’m Jayme. I write MG adventures, adore glitter, and watch way too many Disney movies. If you like pirates or robots or aliens or ninjas, we’ll get along just fine.

6 thoughts on “Teen Werewolves Invade My Disney Vacation

  1. Ok, let’s see here.

    My latest secret TV series obsessions…. True Blood (really bad these days, but I can’t stop watching it). Game of Thrones. (never read the books, so I’m completely in the dark as to who is going to die/ get beheaded/castrated, etc.).

    But those come once a year and have short seasons.

    I’m looking for a good series to get obsessed with like I used to be with the OC, Smallville, Gilmore Girls, Supernatural and Veronica Mars. Some thing like Orphan Black or Arrow or one of those vampire series. Teen Wolf is the movie to me (Michael J, Fox!). But I can see them upgrading it nicely. You’re convincing me, Jayme.

    • Teen Wolf is another show with limited seasons (usually 12 episodes), so it might fit in nicely with your rotation.

      I’ve never seen True Blood or Game of Thrones (or OC or Orphan Black), but I used to adore Smallville, Gilmore Girls, Supernatural, AND Veronica Mars. Teen Wolf has some of the horror elements of Supernatural with an over-arching mystery like Veronica Mars. There’s also a little romance thrown in, but it’s definitely not one to watch around the kids. Has gotten progressively more gory and there’s lots of bedroom humor/situations. The mythology can also get a little frustrating because it’s not always consistent, but if you just go with it it can be great fun. 🙂

      Psych, White Collar, and Castle might be worth investigating. If you like fairytales, Once Upon a Time is a solid choice. And it’s never to late to discover a classic like Chuck. There’s also a new Flash series due out next Fall! Hope at least one of those helps you find your new obsession. 😀

      • Chuck! I watched that! But only the first two seasons. I loved bumbling Chuck. Castle was fun. I should go back to that. Pretty much if it’s on Netflix, it’s fair game (but not until after the kids go to bed). Arrow is. I did watch the Once Upon a Time first season.

        Orphan Black is just one that popped on the radar. It looks cool. OC is probably not going to age well, but the characters were great, if not over the top. But I hear that one of the stars of it is going to be in a series called Gotham and he’s going to be (soon-to-be) Commissioner Gordon. It sounds great.

        My new obsession will happen!

      • Oh my gosh, you should give Chuck another look. The second season wasn’t the strongest, imo, but Season 3 had some real gems and 4 and 5 knocked it out of the park. Not to over sell it, but it also has one of the best series finales I’ve ever seen. <333

        I DVR'd the Flash episode of Arrow, and now I'm wondering if I've spoiled it for myself. Felicity is obviously supposed to be Oliver's love interest, but now I'll always want her with Barry!

        I think OC was one of those shows my parents wouldn't let me watch, but I just Googled it and it was created by the same people who made Chuck!!! Might have to Netflix it. I'm super excited for Gotham too! With Psych sailing into the sunset, it looks like Flash and Gotham will be duking it out for a spot in my heart – a.k.a. my DVR. 😉

  2. I’ve been a bit obsessed with Rake lately. It’s a new show on FOX, of all channels. The poor guys life so awful it makes my worst days look positively delightful!

    My other guilty pleasure is a movie….Silver Linings Playbook, to be specific. I can watch it over, and over, and over again. It’s one of those few movies that is better than the book. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that I have a massive crush on Bradley Cooper. 🙂

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