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3 Reasons You Might Like SOLVING FOR EX

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A few months ago, the awesome Leigh Ann Kopans was kind enough to send me an e-ARC of her upcoming YA romance, SOLVING FOR EX. I’ve been holding onto my review for a while because it seemed downright mean to tease you guys with it months before you could actually get your hands on the book. But with Leigh Ann’s February 11 release date just TWO WEEKS away, I can’t help myself anymore!

So, without further ado, here are 3 reasons YOU might like SOLVING FOR EX:

1: This cover:

To see it in all of it's glory, head on over to Icey Books  for the official cover reveal. :)

To see it in all of it’s glory, head over to Icey Books for the official cover reveal. 🙂

I mean LOOK at it! The chalkboard makes me insanely happy and the model for Ashley reminds me so much of Emma Stone. Brendan’s model looks a little like Andrew Garfield, so it’s like a Gwen-Peter reunion to tide us over until The Amazing Spider-Man 2 hits theaters in May.

2: Math puns. If you hadn’t already guessed by looking at the cover, this is a story about Mathletes, as evidenced by adorable little notes at the end of some chapters. My favorite? Octopi. Get it? Octo-PI!

Want it on a shirt? Snorg Tees  has you covered!

Want it on a shirt? Snorg Tees has you covered!

3: Mansfield Park. Any Jane Austen fans out there? You might be interested to know SOLVING FOR EX is a modern twist on Austen’s classic novel, Mansfield Park (with a little Clueless and Mean Girls sprinkled in). Austenland hits shelves the same day as SOLVING FOR EX, making the two the perfect Valentine’s combo for that Austen fan in your life!

Haven’t heard of Austenland? You’re welcome:

Sound like the book for you? You can preorder your copy here or add SOLVING FOR EX to your Goodreads shelf.


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