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Teen Wolf DIY: Lydia’s Notebook

Everyone knows Lydia’s study notes are awesome – so awesome that her math notebook is currently going for $150 on BidTeenWolf.com.


Lydia Notebook Auction

If you’re as poor as the entire town of Beacon Hills during season 4, don’t fret! You can make your very own stylish notebook. As for the notes, you don’t need them. You’re too smart for them!

Lydia Notebook Supplies

What you’ll need:

  • Notebook (lighter colors work best)
  • Mod Podge (glossy finish)
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Lydia Notebook Image

I replicated the design from Lydia’s notebook using freeform shapes in Microsoft Word. Here’s the front:

Lydia Notebook FRONT

And the back:

Lydia Notebook BACK

1. Measure your notebook and print the images above to the correct size.

2. Trim white space from your printed image with scissors.

3. Carefully peel back the sticker on the spine of your notebook.

4. Apply Mod Podge to the COVER of the notebook and to the BACK of the printed image. Press the printed image onto the book and smooth out any bubbles. Press the spine sticker back into position.

Lydia Notebook In Progress

5. Let dry 20 minutes. Pro tip: If you stand the notebook up on its pages, you can let the front and back cover dry at the same time.

6. Apply another coat of Mod Podge to seal the printed image.

7. Scribble your very own banshee predictions while you rock out to the Teen Wolf Soundtrack you bought with all the money you saved.

Lydia Notebook Finished

What’s your favorite Teen Wolf prop? Let me know in the comments, and I might make it next!

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Teen Wolf DIY: Dread Doctors Book

I love books. All kinds of books. Even tattered sci-fi/horror paperbacks detailing the horrific experiments of three steampunk doctors.

Apparently, a lot of people agree because The Dread Doctors by T.R. McCammon (nice try, Valek, we all know you wrote this rubbish!) is currently going for $175 on BidTeenWolf.com. Even a photo copy of this literary gem will cost you $70!

Dread Doctors Auction

That’s a lot of Kindle Daily Finds! But never fear. You can make your very own copy of The Dread Doctors for less than a drug store paperback!

Before I start on the DIY, I want to give a quick shout out to Spenser Hudson Riley over on Redbubble. She sells a Dread Doctors journal perfect for recording all of your deepest, darkest nightmares.

Dread Doctors Supplies

What you’ll need:

  • Book (the older and nastier the better)
  • Mod Podge (matte finish)
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Dread Doctors Book Art (Spenser’s done a better job with this than I ever could. Go check her out.)

1. If the book you chose is too new and pristine, use tea or watercolor to stain the edges.

2.Measure your book and print The Dread Doctors art to the correct size.

3. Cut out the printed image with scissors. Pro tip: You can print the image in one piece, but I find it’s easier to apply the front cover, back cover, and spine separately. Apply the spine piece last for the best result.

Dread Doctors In Progress

4. Apply Mod Podge to the COVER of the book and the BACK of the printed image. Press the printed image onto the book and smooth out any bubbles.

5. Let dry 20 minutes.

6. Optional: use sandpaper (a nail file works too), chalk pastels, or other art supplies to give the book a distressed look.

7. Apply another coat of Mod Podge to seal the printed image.

8. Read at your own risk!

Dread Doctors Finished

What’s your favorite Teen Wolf prop? Let me know in the comments, and I might make it next!

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Teen Wolf DIY: Beacon Hills Preserve Sign

Ah, Beacon Hills Preserve… home to flora, fauna, crossbow-wielding hunters, firefly-spewing tree stumps, and dark druids seeking bloody revenge. Good times.

Needless to say, everyone wants a piece of this magical paradise. The sign used in episode 1×01 is currently going for a whopping $400 on BidTeenWolf.com and the alternate version used in season 3 isn’t doing too badly for itself either!

BH Preserve Auction

Now that the Benefactor’s whole Deadpool offer is off the table, most of us don’t have that kind of dough lying around. Thankfully, you can recreate EITHER of these beauties by following the steps below.

BH Preserve Supplies

What you’ll need:

  • Wood or thick cardboard (I used a sign from the Dollar Store)
  • Sandpaper (if using wood)
  • Mod Podge (matte finish)
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • String/Chain (to hang the sign)
  • Hot glue (to attach the string or chain)
  • Beacon Hills Preserve sign image (below)

BH Preserve Sign Top - FINAL

BH Preserve Sign Bottom - FINAL

I replicated the Season 1 Beacon Hills Preserve design in Microsoft Photo Editor and MS Word using this screencap from episode 1×01. If you have professional photo editing software, you may want to take a crack at it yourself.

1. Cut wood or cardboard to the sizes desired. If using wood, sand cut edges to remove splinters. 

2. Measure the wood or cardboard and print the sign images to the correct size. 

3. Cut out the sign images with scissors. Pro tip: Print the image a little larger than your wood or cardboard. Wrap printed image around the edges of the wood or cardboard. Glue down with Mod Podge to hide exposed wood or cardboard. 

4. Apply Mod Podge to the FRONT of your wood or cardboard and to the BACK of the printed sign image. Press the printed image onto the wood or cardboard and smooth out any bubbles. 

5. Let dry 20 minutes. 

6. Apply another coat of Mod Podge to seal the printed image. 

7. If making the Season 1 sign, glue string or chain between the larger and smaller signs. For both signs, glue string or chain to the top so it can be hung on the wall. 

8. Use all the money you saved to preorder Teen Wolf: the Complete Series!

BH Preserve Finished 2

What’s your favorite Teen Wolf prop? Let me know in the comments, and I might make it next!

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Teen Wolf DIY: Parrish’s Playing Cards

We all knew Lydia was a queen, and Parrish’s playing cards from episode 5×04 proved it. The real cards Ryan Kelley used in this scene are currently going for $31 on BidTeenWolf.com.

Parrish Card Auction

Don’t have $30 lying around? No problem. You can recreate these bad boys at home – and STILL have enough money left over for the Teen Wolf Score.

Parrish Card Supplies

What you’ll need:

  • Playing cards (Parrish’s have blue backs)
  • Mod Podge (glossy finish)
  • Paint Brush
  • Scissors
  • Lydia Queen Image (below)

Optional: black charcoal pastels to “burn” one of the cards. If you try this, I’d recommend printing a few extra Lydia queens and making several cards. This way, if you mess one up, you can keep trying until you achieve the effect you want.

Parrish Card DESIGN

I replicated the Lydia Queen card design in Microsoft Photo Editor and MS Word using this screencap from episode 5×04. If you have professional photo editing software, you may want to take a crack at it yourself.

1. Measure the playing cards and adjust the Lydia queen image to the correct size. 

2. Print the image. Hold the paper up to the light and slide the playing card BEHIND the image. Use the shadow of the playing card to determine where the card should be glued. Mark this location with a pencil ON THE NON-PRINTED side of the paper. 

3. Apply Mod Podge to the FRONT of the playing card and to the BACK of the printed image. Press the playing card into the outline you marked in pencil. Smooth out any bubbles and apply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the entire back of the playing card and around the edges. 

4. Let dry 20 minutes. 

5. Cut around the playing card to remove excess paper from the printed image. Apply a second coat of Mod Podge over the FRONT of the printed image. 

6. If desired, use charcoal pastels to distress one of the cards. Apply another coat of Mod Podge to seal the charcoal pastels. BE VERY CAREFUL! I pressed too hard and the card ended up a little more “burned” than I intended. If this happens, no worries! There are 51 more cards in the deck.

Parrish Card Finished

What’s your favorite Teen Wolf prop? Let me know in the comments, and I might make it next!

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My Top 10 Favorite Teen Wolf Characters

With the Teen Wolf series finale quickly approaching, I’ve been reflecting on how exactly this show snuck into my heart. It had literally everything against it. I can’t handle gore, so I watch most of it through my fingers. I’m not super into romance, so the Scott/Allison storyline (while sweet) wasn’t what grabbed me and refused to let go.

Then it hit me. Teen Wolf does characters better than just about any show I’ve seen. It churns them out, season after season, and somehow forces me to make a little more room (or a lot more room) in my heart for new characters, even when they’re stepping into shoes that are 1,000% irreplaceable. Strong arguments can be made to include pretty much every Teen Wolf character ever on this list, so…

Before I get started, let me please emphasize: these are MY PERSONAL top 10 favorite Teen Wolf characters. I’m not saying they’re the objective, definitive best. I’m not even saying I won’t change my mind tomorrow. I’m just saying, as of this moment, these characters mean something especially special to me.

I should also probably explain: this was a quick list of my first gut reactions. It wasn’t until I got to the end that I realized a few very important characters had slipped through the cracks. Let me be clear: I absolutely ADORE Malia, Derek, and the Teen Wolf himself Scott McCall, so let me take a moment to ponder why other characters popped into my head first.



To be fair, Malia did pop into my head. Over and over. I kept telling myself, “Nah, I’ll put her higher on the list.” Then came the impossible decision. I realized it was time for Malia… or another character. This other character happened to be more relatable to me personally. After that, my top choices were so cemented that there just wasn’t any going back. Still. I ❤ Malia!



I can hear people storming out of this post already, and I agree! A strong argument can be made to put Derek in the top 5, the top 3, even the very top slot. He’s grown SO MUCH over the series. Unfortunately, I think since he’s been away the last couple of seasons he just didn’t pop until my mind until it was too late. I thought about giving him the Honorable Mention, but that felt even worse. Derek is a list to himself. That’s what I’m going with. He is too good for this list. Alpha OUT!



This one is the hardest for me. Scott McCall is the glue that holds this show together. He believes in people, brings out the best in them. He’s everything I could ever want in a series lead, but (like most leads) I think sometimes that makes him easier to take for granted. Seriously, though. Would Stiles be as funny if he didn’t have Scott? Would my sweet baby Liam exist? Would Allison’s death have ripped my heart out? No, No, and NO! (Okay, probably still yes to that last one) Like any leader, I think Scott can be judged by the quality of his people, so basically this whole list is his. He’s represented in every line of this entire post.

But enough assuaging of my guilty conscience. Let’s dive into this thing.

Honorable Mention: Corey Bryant


I’m not going to lie. I had to Google this dude’s last name. If I’d made this list last season, Corey wouldn’t have even blipped on my radar, but the strangest thing has happened over the first three episodes of 6B. Corey has become an actual character, not just Mason’s love interest or one of Theo’s minions. He’s a little insecure, not the best at school, and just the sweetest little oaf. He makes me laugh, and I like him.

I’ve given Corey the honorable mention because I feel this is tangible proof of what I’ve been saying all along: “Teen Wolf: the New Class” is not as awful as some people think. If Liam, Hayden, Corey, and Mason had been given as much screen time to breath and grow as Scott, Allison, Lydia, and Stiles (instead of directly competing against them), I think we’d all love them just as much. Now that they’ve been around a while, we’re starting to see the proof of it!

10. Braeden


Braeden is another character whose last name I don’t know. Or maybe Braeden is her last name? Don’t care. When she first arrived and saved Isaac (for which I’m forever grateful), I was super excited to see what she’d bring to the show. Then she died, and I was bummed. Except she didn’t die! Not only did she not die, she turned out to be just as amazing as I’d hoped, AND she dated Derek without trying to kill him. Bonus points.

9 ¾ Coach Bobby Finstock (a.k.a. Cupcake)


Shortly after this list was originally published, I realized I’d made a grievous omission. Coach Finstock has always been one of the most consistently hilarious characters on Teen Wolf. Despite all the yelling and jokes at their expense, there’s also never been any doubt that he cared about his team. Deeply. I’m pretty sure that’s the only thing that’s kept him from fleeing Beacon Hills High School and its 98% teacher death rate. Even though he can’t always be bothered to remember Liam’s name, he didn’t hesitate to step between my sweet baby wolf and the angry, senseless mob wailing on him during last night’s double episode. For that alone, Coach will forever be MVP in my book.

9. Kira Yukimura


This is probably also going to be a polarizing choice, especially since this was almost Malia’s spot. The thing about Malia is she’s so confident and tough and says what she thinks the second she thinks it, whereas Kira is the nerdy awkward person who eats lunch with her dad. For me, that’s more relatable, only with a heaping pile of wish fulfillment on top (those sword skills, am I right?) Plus, I love Kira’s family, her culture and mythology, and her powers! If I’m being honest, she probably has some of the coolest abilities on the show (even if I’m still mad she didn’t electrify that Berserker chain back in Season 4).

8. Melissa McCall


Even without superpowers this woman is one of the toughest people on Teen Wolf all of TV. Maybe it’s because I can’t handle blood or gore or bodily fluids of any kind, but this lady amazes me episode after episode. On top of this, she gives the best motivational speeches. “Be your own anchor.” Need I say more?

7. Isaac Lahey


In his life, Isaac has shouldered a lot of loss and pain, so for me there’s one Isaac moment that really stands out: when he realized, as a werewolf, he could take away other people’s pain. Deep down, I think that’s all he ever wanted. To feel empowered enough to help. Even when he was hunting down Lydia as part of Derek’s pack, it came from a place of wanting to stop something big and scary from being the worst kind of bully. This thing murdered his father, so it could be argued vengeance drove him too – but, if so, he was seeking to avenge a man who terrified him. Despite his own pain, Isaac saw how broken his father was and forgave him. That’s a strength that goes beyond fangs and claws. When Isaac showed up at that lacrosse game, it wasn’t in spite of his fear. It was because of it. He knew what it was to be afraid, and he wasn’t going to leave someone else to deal with that alone.

6. Theo Raeken


EDIT: I’ve promoted Theo from #9 to #6 based on the first half of 6B, and I’m not even promising I won’t promote him again. It looks like he’s FINALLY turned things around and joined the Pack, and I am THERE FOR IT!

Oh boy, can I hear the outcry about this. “Derek didn’t make the list, but this little piece of garbage did??” I can’t disagree that Theo has done terrible, awful things. To characters I love. Characters on this list! But here’s the thing. There’s still so much we don’t know about him. For starters: is Theo even his real name?? I always got the impression he was just impersonating Scott’s childhood friend to gain the Pack’s trust (remember when he smashed that one guy’s hand for not being able to forge Theo’s dad’s signature?), so WHO EVEN IS THEO?

If he’s the real Theo, did the Dread Doctors kill his parents and kidnap he and his sister? Speaking of his sister, was he really responsible for her death? I mean, he was only nine (?) and not a Chimera yet, so how exactly did he overpower her? Did he trick her into going to the river and the Dread Doctors did the dirty work? If so, did he know what they had planned? And if all the Dread Doctors wanted was to make a successful Chimera, why not just pull a heart switcharoo and put Theo’s heart into his sister? That’s just math. There had to be SOMETHING else going on here.

More importantly, was Scott’s pack Theo’s first (possibly only?) experience in years with people who cared about him? For a decade of his formative years, did he go to sleep every night listening to people being tortured and killed (except for the nights HE was being tortured and experimented on?) Did he only want his own pack so he could defeat the Dread Doctors and stop them from doing to other people what they’d done to him? Did he feel like however many people he had to manipulate, hurt, and kill, he’d still be saving lives verses allowing the Dread Doctors to continue their experiments over the course of their (presumably) immortal lives? Or did he have a severe case of Stockholm syndrome, which he’s only just now starting to question?

The truth is we’ll probably never know, but the fact that I’m invested enough to ask these questions means Theo (if that’s his real name) has thoroughly earned his spot in my personal top 10.

5. Allison Argent


There’s a reason Scott, Lydia, and Jackson immediately liked Allison, and it wasn’t just TV necessity. Allison’s a year behind in school because her family moves around so much. You’d think, after leaving friends behind time and again, she’d wall up her heart and stick to herself. Instead, she bonds with Lydia and somehow manages to bring out the best in her. She falls for Scott and helps piece his post-werewolf-bite life back together. Her life gets blown up over and over, first when she discovers the supernatural, then when her sister-figure Kate dies, then her mom, but she doesn’t roll over. She learns to fight so she can protect the people she loves. When her grief drives her to uncharacteristic actions, she shows her father exactly how dangerous his family’s prejudices are. Together, they forge a new code: We protect those who cannot protect themselves. In the end, she was just as willing as her mom to give her life, but she did it like she did everything else. Her way.

4. Jordan Parrish


When Parrish first showed up, I adored him. Absolutely adored. I adored him so much I worried he was too good to be true. I kept waiting for the other shoe to fall. Clearly, he had to be a serial killer “drawn” to Beacon Hills because, let’s be real, no one’s going to notice a few extra bodies in that town. Except… he wasn’t? Which duh. Obviously, he was working with Kate to infiltrate the Pack and kill them all. Wrong again? Hmm, okay, maybe he wasn’t evil. Maybe he’d have to nobly sacrifice himself to defeat the Beast of Gévaudan? The Ghost Riders? No??? Despite all odds, Parrish is still alive – and NOT EVIL! And I adore him more every time he shows up on screen.

3. Lydia Martin


As far as character development goes, Lydia Martin is off the charts. I mean, could we really expect anything else? She’s got an IQ over 170, confidence for days, and the ability to smash skulls with her screams. But the thing that really sets her apart is, as Stiles notes, “somewhere inside that cold, lifeless exterior there’s an actual human soul.” She sets impossible standards for herself because settling for less means people get hurt. Sometimes, people still get hurt. And she gets hurt. A lot. But no matter how many times she gets knocked down, Lydia always stands back up and flashes that perfect-shade-of-lipstick smile. She’s such a survivor, and I’ll never stop rooting for her.

2. Stiles Stilinski


I don’t even know where to start. Stiles may be one of the greatest characters in television history. Like Melissa, he doesn’t have superpowers. He doesn’t need them. He’s got his baseball bat, a detective’s brain, and a heart the size of that canyon Scott leaps across from time to time. He’s so irreplaceable the Wild Hunt couldn’t even erase him, and they’ve been at this for CENTURIES! Bottom line: don’t mess with Stiles, and definitely don’t mess with the people he cares about.

1. Liam Dunbar


This one is going to be controversial, so please remember: these are my first gut reactions, and nothing gets me on the edge of my seat faster than Liam in peril. When I first heard Scott was getting a beta, I was skeptical, which just goes to show how foolish it is to judge someone before meeting them. After the trauma of losing Allison, Liam reminded me why I fell in love with Season 1. This show puts characters in insane, impossible situations, and Liam was there to remind everyone just how crazy everything was. As a member of the audience, I might’ve gotten a little jaded… until Liam smacked me upside the head and reminded me, “THIS IS NOT NORMAL!” Unlike battle-tested Scott, Lydia, and Stiles, Liam is a scared, confused little rage monster, but who wasn’t as a teenager? Sometimes, he wimps out or falls into holes. Dude isn’t perfect. But he comes through in the end, and I love him for it.

Who are YOUR top 10 favorite Teen Wolf characters? Let me know in the comments!

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Teen Wolf 6B: Said the Spider to the Fly Photo Recap


You know how they say art mirrors life? Well, “they” (whoever they are) are right again. Take for instance the season premiere of Teen Wolf. Ice sculptures thawing into fiery hunks? I just call that Tuesday. Spider-infested wolves creeping on lacrosse practice? Yawn.

But sometimes even super relatable supernatural dramas hit a little too closely to home and this episode WENT THERE. I mean, we get it. Wounds heal. Like, say, if someone leaves you for the mother of dragons. People move… sometimes to Twin Peaks. It happens. And even though we know that person’s love for Teen Wolf is real, it still stings, you know?

I think we all know who I’m talking about here. The hilarious Price Peterson is no longer doing his Teen Wolf photo recaps for legit business reasons. Fair enough, but I think I speak for a lot of us when I say Price’s recaps were the #2 greatest thing about Teen Wolf. #1 being [insert your favorite thing here… mine is Liam, if I’m being honest].

Can we really be mad though? Price saw us through cartoon beasts and Steampunk Cenobites and Beacon Hills High School’s very real need to vet its teaching staff. He’s earned a season of reading these things as a spectator, am I right? Let’s make that happen. I’ll kick things off with episode one and I’m hoping other bloggers in the fandom will keep this thing alive all the way through the finale. It’ll be like that scene in Harry Potter where everyone raises their wands to Dumbledore. Except Price is still alive. And my Hogwarts letter is lost in the mail. But otherwise it’s exactly the same.

Not going to lie, I’m feeling very Liam about this – a little confused, a lot conflicted, maybe a little growly at having to make snarky and insightful observations on my own. Or maybe I’m Theo here? Trying to usurp the True Alpha and failing miserably… but in a totally trustworthy way? There’s really only one way to find out.

Let’s talk about Said the Spider to the Fly.

A lot has happened since Scott and Stiles rode off into that JJ Abrams sunset flare. For starters, Scott is assistant lacrosse coach now! He’s got a whistle and everything.


Meanwhile, in what might be the most shocking twist since Werejaguars-are-a-thing, teens are in the locker room – you’ll never believe this – putting clothes ONTO their bodies. Also, Corey and Mason are planning to go to the same college because, apparently, they’re seniors now? I mean, sure, Corey was basically hopeless at school last year (and a sophomore?), but Lydia’s study notes are awesomesauce, okay? Let them have this.


In other news, some kid named Diaz is about to steal Liam’s spot as lacrosse captain. Does that make him the new Jackson? Or is he Scott in this scenario? Season 4 Liam? Unclear. But I think we can all agree rude is rude and nothing is more rude than a sweaty, blood-soaked wolf interrupting lacrosse practice.


But plot twist! The wolf is the victim here. I don’t know about you, but personally I also get super grumpy when spiders crawl around inside my skull then come skittering out my eye sockets.

It’s not just one wolf either. Nope. A whole mess of spider-filled wolf piñatas went and died across an entire… field? Meadow? Clearing? I don’t know forestry, but I do know Beacon Hills has got problems. The biggest of them being that Stiles is no longer in the opening credits! The nerve! The OUTRAGE! The…


Sorry, what were we talking about? My brain gets fuzzy when Parrish is around.

Oh right. Spider-filled wolf piñatas. Liam is understandably freaked out. His girlfriend left him, his wolf daddy is leaving him, and now there are SPIDERS. There’s only so much one sweet, squishy, rage-monster can take. Thankfully, Scott reminds Liam of the three things that cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon, and a were-daddy’s love for his beta. ❤


Meanwhile, deep beneath Eichen House a 100-year-old were-popsicle is thawing and SURPRISE it’s a fiery beast!


But whatevs. Seen it. The real news is that the school library has been burgled! All the books on supernatural creatures have vanished. Now I’m not pointing fingers or anything, but this just happened to coincide with the arrival of a certain guidance counselor.


There is a hilarious/terrifying scene during which Corey definitely does not feel invisible. Ever. At all. Then I felt half a second of pity for poor traumatized new kid until I remembered he’s the jerk from the trailer who stabs Corey with a pen. Nolan = on my list.

Speaking of lists, Lydia used her banshee powers (I guess?) to make a list of all the supernatural creatures in Beacon Hills… because that has never been problematic in the past. Yep. There’s zero chance this list is going to fall into the hands of Shady McShade (The guidance counselor’s name, btw. True facts.)


In any event, Principal Martin has other problems. About a hundred of them. Furry, rat-shaped problems that have come spewing into school through… vents? Drains? I don’t know. But Liam and Mason were on the case! And it led them straight to a giant, festering pile of bloody rat corpses. Seemed like a clue, but Malia was unconcerned.


She did not have time for these children or their rat problems. She was ready for MEN. French men. Isaac, to be specific. To which I say, sign me up.


What were two teen sleuths to do? Well, as everyone knows, when your werecoyote pal refuses to help investigate a mysterious rodent death, the next logical step is a rat autopsy. And who better for the job than Melissa McCall? I mean, sure, Deaton is a veterinarian and graduated valedictorian of his Druid school (probably). And, let’s be honest, he’s the dude you go to for plot-necessary exposition. But, like, he was at the movies, okay? You can’t smuggle snacks in there. Even the bloody rat kind.

But Melissa didn’t appreciate Malia’s cooking and she definitely didn’t have time for teen shenanigans.


Elsewhere, a were-popsicle was stealing clothes Terminator-style (90% sure), lurking about schools, and creeping on Parrish. I mean, cars and cell phones and electricity and skinny jeans are cool and all, but Parrish’s appeal is timeless, you know?

Then Liam wolfed out in public and were-popsicle was all, “Parrish who?”


Liam was having a tough day, to be sure. Know who was having an even less awesome time? Lydia. The answer is always Lydia. This poor girl has a way of finding herself in the most terrifying situations – in this case, a giant spider web. Worse, it was a chatty spider web. Like, Lydia just wanted to scroll through her phone and be left alone, but the thing insisted on lecturing her: Wild Hunt, terrifying beast, you let it out, blah, blah. No one asked you, spider web!


Do you want to know what’s really scary, though? Beacon Hills High School is still offering late night study hall. Don’t get me wrong. SATs are important, but you know what’s not great for test scores? Death. How many innocent randos have to make poor life choices (remember season 3 guy who stuck his arm under a DUMPSTER? The tetanus alone…) before everyone just stays home, you know?


Anywho, were-popsicle was on the hunt for Liam, and Parrish was on the hunt for were-popsicle, and in no time two flaming men were destroying the high school, as per usual. Parrish, being the gentleman he is, was not interested in all this senseless violence and stepped outside for a quick nap. He definitely was not KO’d, okay? I don’t want to talk about it.


Then the were-popsicle tussled with Liam and scratched him all up and then… THEN he melted Mason’s baseball bat.


Stiles gave him that bat! It was a whole thing. This dude clearly has no respect for other people’s property, and that is a fact. He does, however, love cryptic warnings. “You idiots released a monster. Must put it back before it kills you all.” Sound familiar? Clearly, he’d been talking to the same spider web as Lydia. Unfortunately, he went and got himself shot in the face before he could offer any actual useful information. Typical, were-popsicle.

The real shocker though is the person who pulled the trigger – Shady McShade, a.k.a. the woman being entrusted with guiding and counseling the youth of Beacon Hills.


More importantly, do we have to start calling her Shady McArgent now? Because how else did she get that bullet? Was Nolan one of the kids Scott & Co. hid from the Wild Hunt in Argent’s bunker? Did he snitch to Shady like an ungrateful little weasel? I have questions.

But who has time to worry about any of that? Stiles is Stiles-ing up the FBI! And guess who’s on the FBI’s radar for mass murder? Derek!


But, like, is it Derek’s fault if he’s minding his own business, doing shirtless chin-ups in the woods, and people just happen to go into cardiac arrest because DEREK HALE IS BACK AND ALL OF OUR DREAMS HAVE COME TRUE?!

Answer: maybe?

Overall, Said the Spider to the Fly was a thrilling, funny, satisfying hour of television.

P.S. though: where is Theo? That guy does not have the greatest track record, so maybe keep tabs on him. More importantly, I’m guessing the Dread Doctors weren’t huge on birth certificates and social security cards, so can he even get a job? Rent an apartment? Is he huddled in a storm pipe somewhere living off squirrels? Until the show tells me otherwise, I choose to believe he’s squatting in Derek’s loft, wearing Derek’s henleys, and pondering how to make a Liam-Theo spin-off a reality because I NEED that in my life.

What did you guys think?

Does anyone want that ticket to Isaac France that Malia is apparently not using?

How do you think Shady got that Argent bullet?

What great evil do you think the pack accidentally unleashed?

If Derek does a shirtless chin-up in the forest and no one sees it… did it happen?

‘Kay, bye!

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The Day of the Doughnuts

Confession time: I’m a Power Ranger fan. As in, I grew up on Mighty Morphin, am currently up to date on Ninja Steel, and just about died from joy after seeing the new Power Rangers reboot in theaters. Needless to say, when I heard about Power Rangers doughnuts at Krispy Kreme, I was so there.

For anyone who doesn’t know, this is the LAST weekend to get Power Rangers doughnuts! If you loved the movie, Go-Go show Krispy Kreme some love by April 2. Let’s get this sequel made one delicious doughnut at a time.

The doughnuts are chocolate-glazed, “Kreme”-filled delights sprinkled with I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-Goldar sparkles. Topping it off is a sugar lightning bolt in the color of your choice. But, really, the only choice here is one dozen or two?

I guess my sister and I never learned not to play with our food because this happened before we actually ate our doughnuts:

Doughnut Command Center

Ay-yi-yi-yi-yi! Rita’s transformed the Rangers into doughnuts, Zordon!


2-1-Power up!


The original Sheldon Cooper.


Forever Red!

What did you think of the Power Rangers movie? Which Ranger would you like to eat in doughnut form? Let me know in the comments!

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5 Songs That Make Me Want to Dance

To celebrate the release of Brooks Benjamin’s My Seventh-Grade Life in Tights, I’ve compiled a list of 5 songs that make me want to dance. Anyone who’s tried #5amWritersClub knows how tough it can be to drag out of bed before the sun, but these 5 jams get me on my toes every time:

1. Shake it Off, Taylor Swift
Let’s be honest, no dance playlist is complete without this one.

2. Take on Me, a-ha
Not only one of the best songs ever, but an epic piece of Chuck history. Win-win!

3. Run It Back Again, Corbin Bleu
The repeat button makes me feel like a time traveler, and this song gives me an awesome excuse to use it!

4. Better When I’m Dancing, Meghan Trainor
Who doesn’t feel better when they’re dancing? (This one’s for you, K)

5. Girls of Rock and Roll – The Chipmunks and Chipettes
If this one doesn’t make you dance, you might be Bruce Willis in the Sixth Sense. Maybe have someone check for a pulse.

Thinking ‘Bout Somethin’, Hanson
Because every playlist needs more cowbell.

It’s by no means a comprehensive list, but hopefully at least one of those got your toes tapping.

Don’t forget to check out My Seventh-Grade Life in Tights and happy dancing!


Eight Terrible Titles (with commentary)

I’ve been away from the blog for WAY too long, but there’s no better way to jump back in than with the #8TerribleTitles blog hop. A great big thanks to the not-at-all-terrible Brooks Benjamin for tagging me to join the ridiculous fun!

For those of you playing along at home, #8TerribleTitles is as easy as 1-2-3:
(1) Open your manuscript and scroll to a random passage
(2) The word or phrase where your cursor lands is your first terrible title
(3) Repeat until you have eight terrible titles

If you’re not ready to share your manuscript, that’s okay! Grab the nearest book and play along. Better yet, grab your friends and see if they can guess the book by its terrible titles. I think I just invented a party game…

But I digress. Here are the #8TerribleTitles for my MG pirate adventure, Double-Crossed, with a bit of commentary. Because what’s the point of terrible titles without terrible blurbs to go along with them? 😉

1. “Diana? Diana?”
One of Faulkner’s lesser known works

2. Wafted Down the Stairs
A scratch ‘n’ sniff book

3. Dressed like a Giant Shrimp
The memoir of a food court mascot

4. Some Rare Disease from the 1800s
Order now and get a free bottle of hand sanitizer!

5. Crossing State Borders
The secret world of truckers – EXPOSED!

6. Giant Bunny Ears
Cyrano de Cottontail attempts to woo the lovely Roxane despite his extraordinarily long ears in this Disney retelling of the classic.

7. The Difference between Ignition and a Deadly Jolt
Gritty YA contemporary banned by schools (becomes a bestseller anyway)

8. A Kaleidoscope of Branches
…and other fun DIYs for summer

Not enough terrible titles for you? Me either! Since this is #8TerribleTitles, I’m tagging 8 writers who are the exact opposite of terrible. You know, to balance things out:

Ann Marjory K

Kat Michels

Patrice Caldwell

S.P. McConnell

C.C. Dowling

Ifeoma Dennis

Jenna Lehne

Donald Capone

I can’t wait to see what they come up with. In the meantime, head over to Twitter and dive into the #8TerribleTitles hashtag for more terrible fun!


The Power of Cliffhangers (a.k.a. FITZ LIIIIVES!!)


This post contains spoilers for Once Upon a Time, Castle, Sherlock, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.. Proceed at your own risk.


shield group

See there? Spoilers already.

So, let’s talk about cliffhangers. I have a love/hate relationship with these little devils. On one hand, speculating what’s going to happen next helps fill the time between novels, movies, or (for purposes of this post) television seasons. I mean, seriously, is there anyone who wasn’t stoked to get this little tease on Once Upon a Time:


Unfortunately, cliffhangers aren’t always just tantalizing glimpses of what’s to come. They often put characters we love in mortal peril. How did Castle escape that burning car? I DON’T KNOW, DANGIT! But I know he did. And I want to know how. It reminds me of a certain English detective who jumped off a building back in 2012. We all knew he survived. But how? HOW? Speculation kept the Sherlock fandom in full swing for two agonizing years.

As a writer, I respect a great cliffhanger. I still can’t hear the words, “Guys, I know Kung Fu,” without a twinge of jealousy that I didn’t write them.

And of all the cliffhangers this season, there’s none that’s got me more invested than the fate of one Leopold Fitz. For those of you who don’t watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Fitz was last seen bobbing unconsciously in the ocean after being hauled up 90 feet by his biochemist partner, Jemma Simmons. If you don’t know why this hurts my heart, grab a tissue and hold on tight:

And that’s the last time we see him conscious. THE LAST TIME, people. No happy reunion where the whole team gathers around his hospital bed. No follow-up scene with Simmons holding his comatose hand and vowing to do whatever it takes to save him. Nope.

That’s not even the worst of it. Once Simmons hauls him to the surface, they’re rescued by Nick Fury. Nick stinkin’ Fury! Think how bummed Fitz’ll be he missed a chance to meet the man himself. It breaks my heart, really, it does.

What’s next for Fitz? We get a few hints. Fury confirms Fitz’s “heart’s still beating, just barely” but warns his amazing little brain went “without oxygen a long time.” At the end of the episode, when the team asks about him, Simmons merely replies, “he’s alive.”

Of all the times for the sunshiny little know-it-all to go laconic on us!

So what does it mean? Well, I did a little digging. Here’s the short version:



monkeys rejoiced


WARNING: I’m not a medical professional. Everything you’re about to read is the result of poking around on the Internet. If you are a nurse, diving instructor, or someone with expertise in the matter I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

Here’s what we know:
> Ward jettisoned Fitz and Simmons into the ocean somewhere off the coast of Peru.
> Fitz says they’ve sunk “at least 90 feet.”
> When the window blew, water rushed in with enough force to “knock the wind right out of [them]”
> Fitz rigged a device to “let out a burst [of air] at very high pressure” that “force[d] a breath” into Jemma’s lungs

Okay, so let’s do a little back of the napkin math. Average swim speeds are surprisingly hard to come by, so I’m just going to assume Jemma swam 0.5mph, which seems conservative for someone swimming for their lives, even if they are hauling a soggy Scottish engineer behind them.

napkin math

Assuming my ballpark speed is accurate, Simmons made the swim to the surface in just over 2 minutes. This, my friends, is awesome news given the Survival Rule of 3, which says, “On average a person can only survive for 3 minutes without air.”

But Fitz said “at least” 90 feet? At least! What if it was farther? What if Simmons didn’t swim in a straight line? What if Fury’s helicopter exerted pressure on the water and made it harder for Simmons to break the surface? Curse you, Fury, and your stylish shades!

saved my ship

In that case, here are a few more interesting time frames to consider during a drowning situation:

30 seconds to 1 minute – the airway closes. Child’s lips turn blue.
1 to 2 minutes – the child looses consciousness.
2 to 5 minutes – the heart can stop. The child has a chance of survival if rescued now.
5 minutes plus – permanent brain damage is occurring as each second passes.

Whatever the variables, we know Simmons made it to the surface on a single breath without blacking out (while towing said soggy engineer behind her). For an untrained diver who “didn’t pass [her] field assessments,” it’s unlikely she lasted long enough to put Fitz in the danger zone.

But wait! That’s not all. During my research, I also happened across a bunch of other cool stuff like the mammalian diving reflex , the benefits of near-drowning in salt water versus fresh water , and this fun little gem from The Doctor Will See You Now : “About 75% of near-drowning victims who receive medical treatment survive. Of these, approximately 6% will be left with long-term neurological problems.”

Does that mean Fitz is looking at a 94% chance of full recovery? I don’t know. So why am I telling you all this?


There’s no denying I’m a fangirl, but first and foremost I’m a writer. And, as a writer, it’s important to remember readers today have access to an unprecedented amount of information. The above is what happens when you give a fangirl an hour alone with Google. An hour. That’s someone bored in the doctor’s waiting room or looking to fill the S.H.I.E.L.D. shaped hole in their Tuesday night. Let that soak in. It’s more important than ever for writers to do our homework!

Second take-away: Once you’ve done your research, remember this is a creative decision, not science class. The perfect storm of awesome could bring Fitz back to our screens (unharmed) in the first episode next season. Or the perfect storm of suckitude could give him a whole checklist of near-drowning complications that spur Simmons to perfect GH-325. Or any scenario in between. As long as the writers deliver an equally awesome payoff when the bill comes due, I don’t think anyone will complain.

In the meantime, it’s fun to speculate. What do you guys think? Will Fitz make an immediate recovery? Or does he have a longer road ahead of him? I’d love to hear your thoughts (and theories) in the comments.